KH Logo - Square twitterWelcome to the Knutsford Hosts.

The reason that Knutsford Hosts is so innovative is that we operate town-wide as a ‘bank’ of community volunteers of all ages – some who never volunteered before, some who don’t want to commit to a particular charity or organisation, and some who simply want to do their bit for our lovely town as and when they can.”

Knutsford Hosts support a huge range of events and activities. Since we started in 2014, we have helped 68 local events, charities, organisations and activities including the Knutsford Lions, Royal May Day, RHS Tatton, Knutsford Grow, Knutsford Heritage Centre, RVS Good Neighbour, Macmillan, the Pumpkin Path, the Christmas events, Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, the Lions Christmas Appeal, bulb planting, the Tatton Yule Yomp, Knutsford Heritage Open Days, CarersTrust4all, the Tabley House Collection, the Knutsford Jog…it’s a long list!

There’s lots of variety for Knutsford Hosts and we promise: we never ask for a minimum time commitment so it is a very flexible scheme that suits everyone no matter how much or how little time they have to spare. But together, we achieve a huge amount. In 2017, we contributed 3,000 hours of community volunteering time!

Check out our news section for more details about our recent activities.